Texas top movers are the best movers in the state period. The company was very affordable work with and I was absolutely amazed at how diligently they worked over our move. I didn’t have to lift a finger and the truck was very well organized. Not only did all of our items arrive on time but we were impressed that they stood by their original quote which was far lower than the rest of the competitors!

Steve K

Texas top movers were definitely the right people for my long distance move. I had to move out of the state and the owners made me feel very comfortable and in control of the entire process. I was absolutely stressed as work was relocating me to a new office and I didn’t have much time to pack. With their professional packing services and the storage services, I was able to sort out what to do with all of my stuff and get on the road quickly.

Kim P

I was impressed with the service immediately after receiving a quote. Each of the people that I dealt with through Texas top movers was extremely courteous and customer service focused. Everyone was willing to answer my questions about our move from Dallas to Austin. Not only did I get a detailed quote for all of the features of the move but I was impressed with the regular updates and ongoing customer service. This is the most convenient way you can move.

Greg H

It was time for us to move out of our apartment and into a new home and when the movers showed up we weren’t quite ready with all of our packing. It had been a tough week at work with the two guys that came were extremely understanding and worked around us to pack up the larger items safely as we continued packing up our home. Their understanding nature really calmed our stress and made the move much easier. We got everything on the truck and were now very comfortable in our new home. The price was right too!

Rick T

I needed to move offices in Dallas and I only had a week to plan out the move. I gave a call to Texas top movers and quickly had a relocation plan in place. Four guys showed up at my offices and did amazing job with the packing process as well as handled every item they loaded onto the truck with care. I was in shock that the whole move took just 3.5 hours and that they even stuck around to help me unpack some of the desks and chairs to get set up.

Vicky A

Truly amazing service. I was worried about some of the antiques that I had to move and a lot of my valuables. Texas top movers not only spared my walls but all of the items that they moved out of my old place and into my new place survived and in their original condition. The skill that these guys have and the tools that they used are truly something to be impressed by. They definitely treated my valuables as I would have and I appreciate their attention to detail.

Sille J